Wedding Photography by Arpi Pap Photographer

Arpi Pap has been photographing weddings professionally for more than a decade. His ever-evolving creative techniques derive from an artistic background enhanced by a dedication to continually expanding his knowledge and reflect the unique personality of each couple and the tone of the event. With his ability to become acquainted with the couples’ character and understand their needs, Arpi offers an unobtrusive and candid approach to portray the appropriate athmosphere and spirit of the event.

Arpi is also covering affairs at the new and upcomming state of the art experience , The Grove Catering located at 691 Pompton Avenue (or 23 south) Cedar Grove , NJ 07009

What is wedding photojournalism?

The photojournalistic style of presenting a wedding has become increasingly popular with the more artistic wedding photographers, as well as with couples who seek to go beyond the traditional to make their memories a more personal expression of the day. A documentary of the special occasion in a slideshow format, the viewer is able to take the journey of the day again if they were there, or to feel like they were in attendance even if they missed it.
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Contemporary Wedding Photography

A new spin on traditional, contemporary photography is candid and genuine and not afraid to be different and daring. The results offer soft flowing movement that draws the viewer into the story.

Digital Wedding Photography

Digital , everyone says makes things easier, but there's still a lot of work until the final product, your great pictures and albums. Digital still involves understanding the technical aspect of photography, composition and color theory, and most important, to be part of the event and understand the importance of it.

Artistic Photographic Style

It can be seen as producing images that fulfill the creative vision of the photographer. This images are done to express the artist's perceptions and emotions and the will to share them with others.